February  2015

All 7 Cedar Groves will be closed for the B.C. Family Day on Monday February 9th. So if you need any roofing stuff that day please remember to order it on Friday February 6th.
Wow! What happened to January? That was one fast month!! And because it was such a here today, gone tomorrow kinda month I'm just going to leave the info up about our Amazing Sales Team.  It actually made them feel good that I wrote about them and put it up on the web site
When I asked these dudes below the question, "If you could do anything for your customers, what would that be?"  The answer was shockingly the same from each of them. They all responded with, "If I could do one thing for my customers that one thing would be to have the ability to control the weather with my brain!"

Needless to say, I was shocked by this. If it was me I would have said something like, "Fix the 6/49 Lottery so my customer would win and then slide me back some moola!"


Bradley Gibson
Grand Master
604 818 8701

I am not sure who this guy is but he calls himself The Grand Master. Apparently he has been a Grover coming up 16 years in March. Wow, if I where to hazard a guess I think Grand Master might mean Boss Man.

Doug MacIntyre
Metro Vancouver
604 308 4939

Wise and Experienced in the Fine Art of Roofing, Doug devotes himself to the level of Ultimate Service to his clients. No one who has Doug taking care of them will be disappointed. Always there when you need him and even when you don't.  Which of course a personal feature that is rare and highly valuable.  Doug likes to relax by driving his Motor Home back and forth to Alberta several times a year.  He claims this is what truly makes his life worth living, a nonstop excursion to Alberta. Really?

Dylan Schultz
Metro Vancouver
604 318 5027

As the youngest member of our impeccable Mainland sales team Dylan prides himself on being a hip and happening modern dude.  He's totally aware of all the changing trends the world of roofing has to offer.  This knowledge he vows, will be passed on to you with out fail. His only downfall is that he is a dedicated and loyal Washington Redskins fan...

Rick Reidl
Vancouver Island North
250 897 6270

Rick has been working at the Grove for over 30 years! Wow! Why is that?, I asked him.  His response was because this was what I was put on this planet for, to look after and service roofing contractors. Well there is no doubt about that.  Dedicated and strong, topped up with a knowledge base of roofing rivalled by no one.  Rick is there, always for you.  By the way, Vancouver Island North means Nanaimo to Campbell River and sometimes all the way to Port Hardy.

Darren Fownes
The Fraser Valley as well as Metro Vancouver
604 802 1274

Believe it or not Darren has been a Grover for longer than Rick has. By a least a year he claims which happens to be 1981.  A life dedicated to the service of the Noble Roofing Contractor. Darren has immersed himself in the deep knowledge base of roofing technology.  He is a certified RRO, which stands for Registered Roof Observer. Practically a Roofing Scientist, Darren has the ability to answer any and all technically based roofing questions. Amazing! Not only that but he's pretty good at Custom Sheet Metal production, this of course is done when he is not out on his road bike pedaling like a mad man.

Darcy Tringham
250 880 1494
Vancouver Island South

Darcy is in fact the youngest member of this masterful sales team, which means...well I'm not sure what that means but I am taking that as a good sign. Young Darcy started with the Grove way back in 2000 when we first opened our then Victoria branch located in Colwood.  Now that branch is located in the heart of the action on Cloverdale in Victoria proper.  Darcy was once an actual roofer and still to this day processes all the skills that separates the good from the great. I refer to Darcy as great because that is what he is. An educated knowledge pit of anything and everything to do with roofing.  Not only that but he has a degree from Royal Rhodes.  One smart dude, that's for sure!  Vancouver Island South covers Ladysmith to Victoria and even to the outer reaches of Port Renfrew

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