August 2014 at the Grove

The Cedar Grove Surrey Branch will be closed on Saturday August 2 so we, along with our hard working, totally exhausted roofing installers can have a nice relaxing and recharging long weekend.   

What the heck is Fantastic Flintlastic?

I was talking to my man Reginald the Roofer the other day and asked him if he would like to try doing low pitched roofs attached to wooden houses without using an open flame torch.
"Really, Cedar Gee. Why would I want to do that?" was his response.
I replied by asking, "Reginald have you ever burned a house down using an open flame torch?"
"Not yet" was his reply.
I then asked, "Do you even think or worry about that risk?"
"All the time" was his reply to that question.  Followed by, "Now you know why my hair is grey and I'm only 27 years old!"
"Really, you're only 27? I thought you were much older than that."
"Nope" was all Reginald could muster.
I then smiled and cheered up and said, "Dude, I've got a solution for you that will not only eliminate the risk of fire but will make you look at least 10 years younger."
"I don't believe you, Cedar Gee.  How can you do that?"
"Reginald, it's time you were introduced to CertainTeed's Flintlastic Self Adhered membrane that can be applied without the use of a torch and open flame.  Look at this sample.  Feel the strength.  Feel the adhesiveness. Feel your trouble free future in the palm of your hands...Buddy this is it."
His jaw dropped. His eyes bugged out. Reginald was speechless.
"Cedar Gee! Really? This stuff works?"
"Yes, my man." I smiled and followed that up with, "And its available now at the Grove!"
"Wow", said Reginald. "Wow, no more torching, equals no more sleepless nights. Right, Cedar Gee?"
"You got that right Reginald. CertainTeed's Fantastic Flintlastic will do the job and you, my friend can relax in the knowledge that after you have left the job for the day it will still be there when you return to it on the next morning."
"Here you go, Cedar Gee."  Reginald said while he was handing me his torch. "I am done with this thing, man.  Done with open flame and all of the risk that comes with it. It's time to move on to a new world of Karma and Peace!"
I looked into Reginald's eyes and I couldn't believe it but it was true, he has already started to look younger. 

Much Ado About Metal at the Grove the roofing sense is something that is required on every roof ever designed, built, put together or however you want to describe it. Plainly its a must have requirement of every roof system. What the Grove would like to remind all of our customers is that we have the ability in each of our branches to produce consistent custom flashing. Yes we have and always stock the standard items:
Valley, Steps, Wall, Drip Edge, Built In Gutter Cap in 31 and 26 gauge, in the regular colours Brown, Black, Charcoal and yes even White.

It's the Grove's job to remind you that not only do we have these regular items but we can also produce high quality custom flashing to suit your particular needs.  We have added computerized brakes and high tech shears to five of our seven branches.  These marvelous pieces of equipment are available in Abbotsford, Surrey, Burnaby, Victoria and Parksville.  Duncan and Courtenay will be upgraded in time but have no fear, for the people that operate the traditional hand brakes know what they are doing.

Historically speaking Cedar Grove started out as Metal Flashing Producer 39 years ago. Now it's just one of the many things that we do for our customers.  Metal production is an important part of what we as a roofing distributor have to offer.  I just thought its time to remind everyone of our technical upgrades and abilities to produce consistent and quality flashing.

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