July 2014 at the Grove

Canada... the best country on earth.

All the Cedar Grove branches will be closed for the Canada Day Celebrations on Tuesday July 1st. So join in the fun and let's all celebrate what a fantastic country that we are so lucky to be citizen's of.      

Hey did you see that thing at the top of this page promoting Neat Glass by Burnaby's own Columbia Skylights?

When I first heard about Neat Glass a couple of months ago I said to myself, "Who wouldn't want a new Skylight that virtually cleans it self? All we have to do is let our Roofing Contractor people know about this wonder product and have them explain to the home owners of world what Neat Glass is."  Then the next thing that happens is the home owner saying, "You mean I never have to risk my life climbing on this roof just so I can clean all the dirt and crap off my new skylight?" And you say..."Yep, you never have to do it because that's what the sun and the rain are for."  The Titanium Dioxide layer of Neat Glass reacts chemically with the Sun's UV rays and causes organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. And good news for us is, it even works on cloudy days!!!  When it rains the decomposed dirt no longer clings to the glass, easily rinsing it away!  And there is no shortage of rain around here so there you go. Why would you want to go back to the olden days of dragging up the Windex and paper towels just so the light can shine through?  Now with the advent of Neat Glass you never have to even think about that.   

Much Ado About Metal at the Grove

Flashing...in the roofing sense is something that is required on every roof ever designed, built, put together or however you want to describe it. Plainly its a must have requirement of every roof system. What the Grove would like to remind all of our customers is that we have the ability in each of our branches to produce consistent custom flashing. Yes we have and always stock the standard items:
Valley, Steps, Wall, Drip Edge, Built In Gutter Cap in 31 and 26 gauge, in the regular colours Brown, Black, Charcoal and yes even White.

It's the Grove's job to remind you that not only do we have these regular items but we can also produce high quality custom flashing to suit your particular needs.  We have added computerized brakes and high tech shears to five of our seven branches.  These marvelous pieces of equipment are available in Abbotsford, Surrey, Burnaby, Victoria and Parksville.  Duncan and Courtenay will be upgraded in time but have no fear, for the people that operate the traditional hand brakes know what they are doing.

Historically speaking Cedar Grove started out as Metal Flashing Producer 39 years ago. Now it's just one of the many things that we do for our customers.  Metal production is an important part of what we as a roofing distributor have to offer.  I just thought its time to remind everyone of our technical upgrades and abilities to produce consistent and quality flashing.

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