September 16, 2016  

Where has all the time gone? 
Wasn't it just April the other day?
2016 the year that is speeding by.
Okay, it's Fall and all the leaves are brown and the ski is grey.
I went for a walk on a winter's day...
California Dreamin'
If you know what I mean, I may be dreaming about California but I'm not moving there.
It's will soon be a full tilt Fall Roofing Season and just like you we here at the Grove are ready to go.
Bringing you once again a service level that is above and beyond the vast horizon.

So I asked my good friend Bobby Hardly Woykin Woykin at HAL Industries what makes HAL Breath Ex so special?
His answer to me was, Well Cedar Gee we at HAL make this stuff as breathable as humanly possible.  Moisture stays out and air from below can transfer through unhindered.
Unhindered? I said What is that?
Bobby goes, Cedar Gee open your mind to the never ending vision of plywood roof decks that will never be harmed by moisture of any type.
I said, Wow that thought just blows my mind!!! Kaaboooommm!
HAL Breath Ex 10 Sqs of a Super Natural Roofing Experience.
Thank you Bobby for planting those seeds of thought deeply in my brain! 



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