October 2014 

Just to let the Roofing World know, Saturday October 4th will be our Surrey Branch last Saturday opening until next Spring. Autumn is upon us and we must now make do with just 5 work days instead of 5 and 2/3rds.

Dreaming of DaVinci

So I said to the beautiful woman, "Francesca, what are you dreaming about?  You look so deep in thought." Her eyes did not even move and she did not react to my question. Several minutes drifted by I moved a little closer.  Time to try again I thought. 
"Francesca, can you hear me?" Her eyes turned slowly to the left and eventually found mine and finally she spoke.
"Cedar Gee," she said. "I am so sorry.  I was in a far away place and I did not even see you, let alone hear you. For that I am ashamed..."
"Francesca, there is no need for that.  There is nothing wrong with the act of thinking.  Tell me do you have a problem that I can help you with?"
"Yes I have one Cedar Gee." was her sad response.
"Please," I replied "I'd be happy to help."
"Well maybe you can?"
Of course I smiled and said, "Yes please Francesca tell me"
"Okay, you see Cedar Gee I have a very large problem."
"Go on please Francesca, tell me. I know I can help."
Her face turned towards the darkening grey cloud filled sky. Her eyes then closed. Her shoulders sank with the weight of her problem cascading down upon them.  I think I even saw a tear form in the corner of her eye.
"I need a new roof on my villa Cedar Gee.  I know what I want but I can't remember the name. I am very frustrated and angry at myself for being so forgetful."
"Don't be Francesca.  That's what I'm here for.  To help you with your roofing problems!"
"Really Cedar Gee?  You will help me?"
"Yes of course I will. Tell me what is your issue with this roof?"
"I know what I want but I can't remember the name."
I responded, "Describe it to me Francesca."
"Okay Cedar Gee.  It looks like real slate but it's not.  It's...how do you say... synthetic...yes that's it synthetic.  And it has a name like mine. Pure Italian. I think it's called Leonardo DaVinci something or other."
A smile immediately exploded on to my face. "Francesca," I yelled. "I can solve your problem right now!  The product is called DaVinci Roofscapes and you can get it at the Grove. I can help! I can help!" I was so excited.
Francesca smiled and then relaxed as the massive burden of doubt was removed from her shoulders. "Yes Cedar Gee Yes! That's it. You are amazing. How can I thank you?"
"Well." I said "How about we go into the village for some Fava Beans and a bottle of fine Chianti?"
"Maybe some other time Cedar Gee I gotta run..."
And with that poof, she was gone.  Well at least one of the Grove's good Roofing Contractors will get a nice roof out of the deal...Me, on the other hand...not so much...   


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