August 2015     

The Surrey branch as per usual will be closed on Saturday, August 1st due to it being the Saturday that falls on the August Long Weekend.  As we continue to uphold the tradition of not working on Long Weekends we can only hope that our hard working Roofing Contractor Customer Base seizes this opportunity to spend the Long Weekend with their families.  After all performing one of the worlds most difficult jobs requires some down time to rest, relax and recover! So please take advantage of what could be the hottest weekend of the year. 

Wasps and Hornets

These two human hating creatures have one shared goal in their lives.  That goal is to make roofing application, one of the worlds toughest jobs, even more dangerous. I am sure they got together several thousand years ago and asked the question:
"Mr. Wasp?"
"Yes Mr. Hornet?"
"How would you like to band together and attack those people who deliberately tear down our family home in order to put on what they call a new roof?" asked Mr. Hornet.
Mr. Wasp responded, " Actually Mr. Hornet, I was going to ask you the same question.  In fact there is nothing I would like to do better.  I was put on this planet to drive humans crazy.  This a goal that I must always achieve!"
Let's fast forward to the 21st Century.  It is now August 2015 human roofers now have a weapon they can use to defend themselves against the swarms of mad, crazy and attacking Wasps and Hornets. It's called Knock Down Hornet & Wasp Blaster.  It works and trust me, those angry buzzing, flying pests have no defence against it.
So to help with this annoyance to one of the world's most difficult occupation we here at the Grove have put this canned defense mechanism on special for the month of August.
Remember this, unlike being on the ground where an escape route is easy to find, being on a roof wearing a safety harness makes you a much, much, much, easier target for these little angry devils.
Stock up now! you'll be glad you did.   
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