February 2016

Wow...29 days this February. It's so cool to have an extra roofing day this month of this year, 2016!

So what does that mean?

Well it means, uhm...it means...just what I thought it meant. One more day to make home owners happy in 2016. It just never ends, the thoughtfulness and caring of the roofing world. The dedicated roofing elite who risk their lives every day, doing a job that most people would be afraid to attempt. 

Now that's what Cedar Gee calls the World of Roofing.  Without you roofers, people would never be comfortable and secure in their water tight abodes. 

The level of care demonstrated daily by these women and men who have chosen one of the world most difficult professions, never ends.

I can never stop admiring the talent and bravery of these people dedicated to the cause. And that cause is...Keeping People Dry and Comfortable in the place they call Home! 

February 2016...Let the World Salute the Roofing Heroes of our generation.

Begin by calling up one of these Specialists to get that old, rotten roof replaced...now!

Remember this, Life cannot be lived without a roof over our heads!

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